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Credit After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy. It's a tough predicament to get through. But with some help from experienced professionals it can be a bit easier to get through. You might even be able to reestablish your good credit in as little as eight months. Credit After Bankruptcy will show you how to make how you can make a lasting recovery from your credit issues.

The reason why this book may be such a beneficial read is because the writers themselves have worked their way through difficult times as well. The authors Stephen Snyder and his whife Michele, both file bankruptcy and subsequently had to find the best recovery route. Within eight months they were able to borrow money for cars, homes, and obtained business loans all at low rates. How did they do this? They maintained a debt to income ratio below 20 percent. Their advice works.

Today the authors are doing seminars on how to fix credit issues and other topics as well, so they are well versed in this subject. This book will prevent you from making the major mistakes almost every credit consumer makes after filing for bankruptcy. Credit After Bankruptcy could very well be your ticket to a better credit life.

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