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National Gas Blackout Every Monday

Beginning May 15 2007 there will be a National gas blackout day. All gas consumers interested in lower gas prices are to participate. Every Monday of every week all consumers should not purchase gas. This gas blackout day is said to cost petroleum companies billions.

This gas blackout is intended to take money back from these petroleum companies which are artificially hiking gas prices. These companies are associating the higher gas prices with the relative increase in demand for the summer season, inflation, and situations in the middle east. However, these are fabricated issues to simply monetize as quick as possible with higher prices at the pump. Consumers are becoming more aware of alternative fuel options and crude companies are realizing this. As gas consumers, we need to take a stand against these rising prices.

Again, every Monday starting May 15 2007, no gas is to be purchased. The total estimated costs of this blackout is said to in the billions; So do your part in controlling gas prices, and take a stand.

This concept is not meant to independently solicit the idea that a decrease in demand of gas one day will decease profits of petroleum companies in the future. This article has the intent to breed new ideas and spur the consumer to find alternative sources of fuel or to find ways to decrease current fuel consumption (i.e. adoption of a hybrid vehicles). Therefor, read, enjoy, and innovate.

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