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Stop Sitting on Your Assets

If you are caught up in the financial mind set that you must buy a home and pay it off as quickly as possible stop. This strategy made sense back in the day but may not make sense in todays financial market. If you want to safely leverage and compound your assets, build wealth, enjoy a rich retirement, create real wealth, pay as little taxes as possible, and leave a fortune to your heirs, Stop Sitting on Your Assets is a must read for you.

This book will show you crystal clear strategies that you can apply to your own financial lives. If you're a homeowner, you must perform your due diligence in finding the most lucrative financial path. The author of Stop Sitting on Your Assets is so honest, and informative with the advice given in this book that you will want to include these strategies in your everyday life.

Stop Sitting on Your Assets is both reliable and educational and will make you want to stop sitting on your assets and making change with the ideas expressed inside. It's an incredibly easy read and a great primer for those wanting to learn about home equity management. It goes into great detail about counter culture ideas about personal finance and is definitely not a boring read.

All too many personal finance books look at money and investing the same way. Diversify, put money away pre tax, pay off your home, but mutual funds yatta yatta yatta. If there is so much great financial education out there, then why are so many retiring with less then $80,000 in a qualified plan? Why do 75% of American still live pay check to pay check? Why is the 55-70 year old age segment the fastest growing population of bankrupt citizens in America?

Anyway, this is a great read that will start you on the road to personal growth and an increasing wealth. But definitely don't just take Stop Sitting on Your Assets as the end-all be-ll of personal finance. Continue to educate yourself- read and learn more.

Highly recommended!
Stop Sitting on Your Assets: How to Safely Leverage the Equity Trapped in Your Home and Transform It Into a Constant Flow of Wealth and Security

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