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Real Estate Investing

Tyson and Griswold have definitely opened the world of real estate investing to everyone by tackling the often complex issues in this easy to understand, use-able book. Don't let the title fool you- this is a serious book for serious real investors whether novice or experienced. I can't think of a better way to get smart about building wealth through rental properties than to read Real Estate Investing for Dummies.

TV is overwhelmed with infomercials about how you can buy non-prime real estate for next to nothing and then get rich quick. Common sense should scream to you that this is an exaggeration. And if common sense doesn't tell you this, your banker should! However, it is possible to get rich gradually by investing in real estate and partaking in other investment opportunities. Long term, you can expect to realize an annual return of 8 - 10% a year, given historical trends.

Real Estate Investing for Dummies will give you the keys to successful real estate investment, whether it be in condos, single family homes, vacation homes, apartments, commercial properties, real estate investment trusts, or raw land.

  • Find and buy the best properties at a fair price
  • Capitalize on opportunities such as foreclosures, no money down deals, auctions, tax sales, and more
  • Secure financing and good mortgage terms
  • Value, evaluate, and negotiate everything to do with real estate
  • Work with agents and other professionals
  • Project income potential and cash flow
  • Handle contracts, inspections, and closings

Keep in mine that with any deal, you have to be aware of when to hold them and when to fold them. Real Estate Investing for Dummies gives you the guidelines on when and how to sell and how to sell, reinvest, and build wealth. Also noted are a collection of real estate investments that no investor should touch with a 10 foot pole.

Real Estate Investing for Dummies is an incredibly easy read that will leave you not wanting to put it down. This is a must read for any home buyer because it will teach you the tactics not just for buying a home but investing in one. Develop priceless knowledge of how to buy real estate and be an informed consumer.

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