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Your Guide to Investing

A great guide to investing which educates readers on behavioral finance- the field which involves psychology of investment decisions. This is sure to be a must read and is definitely a gimmick free map to investing. From investment trusts, real estate investment trusts, insurance, home ownership to bonds, stocks, and money markets; you'll find a great review of trading tips, tricks and more.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street starts off with describing two fundamental valuation models: firm foundations and castles in the air. Then a description of historical major market events are described to lay the groundwork. The two basic stock valuation methods, technical and fundamental analysis, are reviewed. Behavioral finance reviews how investors succumb to their own fears when it comes to investing- "Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes And How To Correct Them."

A practical guide full of advice on insurance, saving for college, tax deferred accounts, bonds, real estate, cash reserves, stock, and mutual funds is included and is a necessity in every investing environment. Personally, I would recommend the shorter version The Random Walk Guide to Investing because this version condenses all that is covered in A Random Walk Down Wall Street into 10 rules and 3 points, however the longer version is more complete and thorough. In any case, both books are great guides for both novice and veteran investors that should be a routine read.

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